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Page Three!

Who Are We?... Clearing the Air!
This a a response that I sent to a member of a NPHC-Council Member who had questions about the Fraternity Alpha Phi Omega and Sorority Gamma Sigma Sigma.  These questions were directed to a soror. But you know I had to answer him.

Till The Day I Die!  updated October 30th, 2001
The following is a new version of my views on the 25/52 family.  I've altered it because I believe my initial version displayed a harsh attitude toward the females in Alpha Phi Omega.

It is always difficult to understand what is what is the would of Alpha Phi Omega.   We have been doing different things all across the United States.  The following is my attempt to give you a better understanding of the different feminine statuses associated with Alpha Phi Omega.

Questions and Answers!
These are webpages that I designed. All pages have some uniqueness placed in my the current owner of the website. Some were designed with no idea how I was going to start it.

An APO-APQ org!
This is an idea about giving Ayphique a separate orgnization unto it self. Many people say we do things differently. But if we are an organization unto ourselves we will always be the same organization. Just like the Philippines are in the same organization.

The Following are downloadable files from the 1998 Alpha Phi Omega convention. You will need the free Acrobat Reader program to read files.

Get Acrobat Reader

I place three of these resolutions in, however none of them made it to the floor of the convention.

I did not send in a Bylaw change, but if you noticed there is only one person that was listed at the time this file was listed on the net.

Includes toast song addmendments, pledge manual addmendments and other interesing things.  I place a proposal not to change the toast song.

This is the Pledge Manual of 1987. It is an old document however it has what I consider a more original version of the history. All the information of this manual has been voted on at several national conventions, so there will be major differences in the manual you have today.

This document was a surprise to even me. I've first saw this document in November 2001 for the very first time. It was given to me by an individual became a member of Alpha Phi Omega in 1975, Douglas Troutman. He also use to be a Sectional Chairman in Georgia. What makes this undated document so special is that it is old and uncut. It is by far the most complete and oldest history in document form that I have found. It also gives you a better view on what Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity intended for.

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