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Jesse Bridges, III

I was born in Bentwaters Suffolks England. Then I Moved in Albequerque, New Mexico. Then moved Edwards Air force Base about 50 miles from Los Angles, California.  From there we made a big move to the east, to my mother and father's home state of Mississippi, where lived for 18 years.  I went to college for one year at Alcorn State University.  This is where I pledged Alpha Phi Omega.  I was on the Charter Line of the Alpha Alpha Lambda Chapter.  Hello to all my Line Bruhs who are MIA at this time, no where to be found.  I also played in the the Sounds of Dynamite at Alcorn State. 

I transferred to the University of Southern Mississippi, Kappa Eta Chapter and help to reactivated the chapter.  I Graduated there with a degree in Industrial Engineering & Technology.  During my last years as president of that chapter,  I realized that it takes a lot of self-organization to juggle chapter events, presidency, class, music and your own life.  But in the end, I wouldn't give anything for the life I lived.

I thank the lord for all that he has blessed me with.   I have a home and wife, I've been married since November 4th 1989.

After I graduated, I moved to Atlanta, Georgia where I've been living since 1987.  I've met several friends. I've kept up with some, but lost touch with others.   It took some college for me to learn the value of friendship.  And I will never forget those that meant so much.

Jesse Bridges, III
603 Over Hill Drive, Woodstock, Georgia 30189
Email: Jaybee at


Some things that interest me are:
Intelligent and Silly Conversations
Movies, (Action, Horror and Some Drama)
Knowledge Sharing
Real People
Alpha Phi Omega
Visiting and Having Company
Music Composing
Gamma Sigma Sigma
Dinner Parties
Football ( Pro & College )
Keeping Friends     
House Parties
Basketball ( Pro & College)
Relatives & Barbecue
Road and Plane Trips
Pool Parties
Hosting Friends
Helping Others
Rap & R&B & Jazz, (Some Reggie)

---Jesse Bridges, III

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