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A message for you:

the most
out of life while
you're living.  Talk
and share your life with
others.  What you've experienced
can touch the lives of others in a positive
way.  Always help children by imposing guidance 
even if they are not your children.  Even being a momentary
parent can leave a lasting and positive impression. Don't be afraid
try things
thatyou know
will not harm you.
I'm not talking about drugs
or smoking, or any narcotics.  I'm
talking about basic endeavors that people
just won't do like, pet a cat, watch a horror movies,
take a trip to beach with some good friends, or eat raw
oysters (you can do that only once, cause I will not do that again).
the opportunity
presents itself, take
advantage after you thought
it out to be a good idea.  Also, sometimes
you have to turn the other cheek, because people
will always try you.  Every now an then you've got to give
in to your own stubbornness.  You see, sometimes that's when
you really miss out on having a good time.  And its all because of a
swing, a
you just didn't get your
way, or an attitude that you
didn't have the strength within you
to shed.  Quick understanding and forgiveness
is better that regrets that last a long time.  You have
been given life, so live it with the best mind you have.

Keep praying for yourself and others.

Most of all, keep it real.....

---Jesse Bridges, III

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